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GDPR Compliance Program
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GDPR Compliance Services

If you are a controller or processor of data from the European Union (EU), even if you are located outside the EU (Canada, United States, the Caribbean, Australia etc.), you will need to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements.


Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment, and Recommendations

Hitachi Systems Security GDPR Compliance Program provides assessments, a roadmap and actionable recommendations to help you comply with the GDPR data privacy requirements.

During a gap analysis and risk assessment, we will identify the current privacy posture of your organization to indicate where your business needs to focus on and what your risks are in case of non-compliance. Our data privacy experts also point you towards the measures that should be implemented to be compliant with GDPR regulations. 

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The 4 Phases of a GDPR Compliance Program

The GDPR Compliance Program can be divided into four distinct phases:

Statement of Applicability

Planning, intelligence-gathering and expert legal analysis of applicable requirements and data mapping of your processing pursuant to article 30 GDPR.

Gap Assessment

Baseline for GDPR compliance (people, processes, technology).

Risk Assessment

A risk-based approach to identify risk-prone departments and prioritize compliance measures to address.

Privacy Management and Accountability Workbook

Plan towards an on-going compliance using the principles of accountability.

A Structured Approach to Privacy Management

Hitachi Systems Security has developed a GDPR Compliance Program that is unique in the market and can help you meet your compliance requirements.

Based on a Structured Approach to Privacy Management, our GDPR Compliance Program is designed to identify areas of non-compliance and recommend specific remediation measures within your business context to help you achieve GDPR compliance. It is flexible and applicable to work for any organization – regardless of its size, sector or industry. One of the foundations of this approach is accountability, which is a key principle of GDPR, sets forth in Article 5(2) GDPR. This approach to Privacy Management is based on three elements: responsibility, ownership, and evidence.

The Structured Approach to Privacy Management is also based on the Enterprise Risk Assessment (ERA) Methodology. An ERA provides a defined process to assess, identify, and prioritize risks and is an integral component of the enterprise risk management framework, aligning with COSO enterprise risk management framework or ISO 31000.

Elements of Data Privacy Accountability

  • Responsibility
  • Evidence
  • Ownership

Identification of Data Flows and Cross-Border Data Transfers Requirements

Benchmark Your Privacy Posture

Identify Where Your Privacy Risk Exposure is Critical

Obtain a Roadmap and Strategic Recommendations for GDPR Compliance

360° Privacy Compliance Expertise and a Control-Based Approach to Data Security

Why Hitachi Systems Security?

Some consulting firms suggest to do a data inventory, a corporate structure review or a data protection impact assessments prior to any other assessments. Unfortunately, not all organizations have the resources to start their privacy management by following these steps.

Our approach is different. We understand that GDPR programs differ depending on the context you are in, your industry, and your available resources. We provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific legal and regulatory context. Instead of proposing a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we will review your situation to establish your privacy obligations and develop a GDPR compliance program that will be tailored to your business needs.

Who Are We?

Headquartered in the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area in Canada, Hitachi Systems Security strives to bring clarity to the jungle of today’s IT security solutions and compliance requirements. Thanks to our exclusive focus on information security and IT risk management, we have become a global IT Security Service Provider with clients in over 50 countries across the globe, who count on us to provide the right solutions for their businesses – quickly, effectively and with expertise beyond industry standards!

Beyond GDPR: Implementing a Comprehensive Privacy Compliance Program

Long-term Success Towards an Ongoing Compliance


Hitachi Systems Security’s GDPR Compliance Program allows you to:

  • Understand the Scope of Applicable Privacy Requirements

  • Obtain a Professional Opinion on Ambiguous GDPR Interpretations

  • Understand Gaps between GDPR Requirements and Your Current Privacy Posture

  • Get a Tailored Plan towards Compliance with Contextual Risk Considerations

  • Reduce Liabilities During Remediation by Identifying and Prioritizing Risks

  • Develop an Efficient Method of Documentation Towards Accountability Requirements

  • Prepare for Supervisory Authority Audits & Certification with an Accredited Body

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