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Protect Your Organization 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

We complement your in-house security team with our security from 5 global Security Operations Centers. Our 24/7 incident response team provide round-the-clock threat detection and mitigation to secure your data.

Identify your Vulnerabilities and Limit Your Risk Exposure

Perform tailored security assessments to uncover exploits and vulnerabilities, increase your internal expertise and strengthen your security posture against data leaks, insider threats and cyber attacks.


Optimize Your Security
Maturity and Strengthen Your Defenses

Bring your security maturity to the next level. Meet your business objectives, strengthen your security controls and achieve compliance with our Governance, Risk and Compliance services.

Services Tailored To Your Needs

Managed Security Services

Get your critical assets monitored 24/7 to respond to cybersecurity incidents

Vulnerability Assessment

Eliminate vulnerabilities with selective scans or vulnerabilities at the network level

Risk Assessment

Deep assessment of your organization’s risk profile with comprehensive reports

Penetration Test (Network & Applications)

Simulate a real attack to reveal vulnerabilities in your environment

Web Application Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment to understand the vulnerabilities of your online applications

PCI Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations

Log Monitoring

Comprehensive log collection, management, review, and audit

Intrusion Detection Services

Monitors traffic and reports any detected exploits or threats in order to thwart quickly and effectively

Additional Managed Security Services

• Vulnerability Management

• DDoS Protection

• Phishing Protection

• Security Device Management


Security focused, discreet and, above all, tailored and designed to increase internal expertise
and strengthen your security posture.



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Webinars on Demand

• Vulnerability Management - Closing the Doors on Attacks

• NIST, CIS/SANS 20, and ISO 27001 Security Control Frameworks Finally Made Simple

• Active Cyber Defense (ACD) – The Evolution of Cybersecurity

• The 4 Benefits of Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment


Brochures & Ebooks

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Brochures & Ebooks on the topics:

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Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment E-book

PCI Compliance



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