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Managed Security Services
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Managed Security Services

Hitachi Systems Security Managed Security Services are built to address your growing IT security needs and offer you the highest standard of protection with a Service Level Agreement customized to your needs and business requirements. Our security specialist team will constantly monitor your critical assets, and will empower and work in partnership with your team to improve your overall security awareness and posture.

Added Value


Dedicated to Serving Customers

in a highly customized and personal manner while maintaining a mid-level price point.

Arkangel Hitachi Systems Security

Proprietary Security & Risk Management Platform

supported by ongoing innovation and advanced research and development.

Technology Agnostic

Technology-Agnostic Platform

that integrates with our clients’ existing technology and works seamlessly within their network.

business driven approach

Business-Driven & Impact-Focused Approach

simplifying information security management, enabling your business accountability and tailoring each program to your unique risk needs.

Basic Services

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) model includes a baseline of the following real-time threat monitoring services:

  • Continuous 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Access to ArkAngel Console
  • Always on Secure Communications Channel
  • Document Storage
  • Governance Module
  • Technology- Agnostic Data Integration
  • Correlation Engine
  • Knowledge Base
  • Monthly Report
  • Monthly Security Services Meeting
  • 2-hour Log Review Guarantee
  • Escalation of Threat Activity within 15 Min
  • Self-Serve Vulnerability Scanning

Core Services

Intrusion Detection

Monitors traffic and reports any detected exploits or threats in order to thwart attacks quickly and effectively

Log Monitoring

Comprehensive log collection, management, review and audit

Add-On Services

Vulnerability Management

Identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate security threats in IT systems

DDoS Protection

Integrated DDoS attack solution leveraging network data analysis and scalable mitigation

Phishing Protection

Website authentication assistance to protect users against malicious phishing attacks

Security Device Management

Maintenance and updates of policies, signatures and rules of security devices

File Integrity Monitoring

Identify and validate baseline versions of critical software to ensure no alterations have occurred

6 Questions You Have to Ask When Building Your Own Security Operations Center

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs


Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Download MSS for the SMB Brochure


  • Security and IT Risk Management Expertise

    By partnering with Hitachi Systems Security Inc., your team will have a specialized security team extension that has well-documented procedures to deal with security threats and that will provide you with legal advice and expertise. This will help your IT staff respond to security events quickly and effectively.

  • Proprietary Platform Serving Customers

    We quantify our customers’ needs to improve our platform and deliver customized services.

  • Comply with Regulations

    Our customers are leveraging our Managed Security Service to protect their IT assets, but also to comply with internal and external regulations, government regulations or industry standards, such as PCI DSS.

  • Always Protected

    We help our customers protect their networks by monitoring their infrastructure 24/7, and by making sure that their devices are always up to date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities out there.

  • Executive Monthly Reports

    Detailed executive monthly reports giving you a holistic view of your security posture at a glance.

Talk to Security Specialist

Powered by ArkAngel

The ArkAngel platform was designed to transform live information security data from multiple sources into actionable information, allowing you to respond to IT security risks or developing threats in a timely manner.

Where Would Your Business Be Without Data?

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