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ArkAngel Platform

ArkAngel is a platform that helps transform live security data from multiple sources into actionable information. Protect your critical assets. Monitor your company’s network security at a glance.

Just as you protect your physical assets, make the same effort for your digital ones. By ensuring the security of your data and infrastructure, you reassure your clients as well. Trust is a currency hard earned.

ArkAngel gives you 24/7 monitoring and instant threat detection on the entire network and digital assets.


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Risk Aware

ArkAngel gives you a 360 degree view of your IT risk and security posture, allowing you to monitor and manage your risk level continuously to your own defined standards.



ArkAngel allows our security experts to collaborate with our customers in a secure environment, protect their networks and critical IT assets and respond to threats quickly and effectively.


Technology Agnostic

ArkAngel was designed as a technology-agnostic tool that monitors all and any of your security devices and networks, ensuring that your IT environment is secure at all times.



The automated log and security event correlation from distributed devices facilitates threat detection and significantly improves the efficiency of the incident response management process.

Added Value

ArkAngel offers invaluable insight to our customers by providing them real-time information concerning their systems including (1) The risk level (2) the vulnerabilities associated with each system (3) recommendations to improve the security posture by system.

There are two ArkAngel modules that contribute to the 5.9 improvements:

Governance Module

Governance Module

The value of the Governance Module is as the strategic GRC component, providing information on the system valuation, risk value, confidentiality, integrity, and availability scores, and controls associated with system as well as threat vectors which ultimately provide one single total system risk score.

Vulnerability Management Dashboard

Vulnerability Management Dashboard

The value of the Vulnerability Management Dashboard is as the tactical component, providing information on the system including IP address, specific vulnerabilities associated with the address, historical and current vulnerability information, and specific controls associated with that system.

Both components have at-a-glance visualization components and reporting capabilities which allow simple prioritization concerning handling vulnerabilities and patching from a risk standpoint. In addition, the reporting empowers security teams to provide instant updates to managers and the board concerning current risk levels, mitigation efforts, and strategic goal setting.

Arkangel Hitachi Systems Security

What’s New in ArkAngel 5.9

ArkAngel 5.9 leverages proven best practices in IT security to allow organizations to identify their highest and lowest value assets and information and the most serious vulnerabilities that could impact them as well as other meaningful criteria to produce a 1-10 risk-related score so that resources can be deployed appropriately. Viewing and evaluating each system’s current state and having the ability and information to improve the security of that system and subsequently the security of your organization is finally realized in ArkAngel 5.9.

How the Vulnerability Management Dashboard and the Governance Module solve the Vulnerability Management problem:

  • Choose the systems that are managed by ArkAngel and assign a level of importance to the system which is then assessed across three measures: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

  • Modify the details of the systems concerning which threats may be targeting the system and which security control from which control standard should apply to the system in the Threat Model View tab

  • Measure the impact of security controls through multiple frameworks including SANS, ISO/IEC 27002:2013, PCI, and NIST 800-171.

  • View the security posture for every business system – according to the most appropriate framework in the Security Posture tab

  • The vulnerability management dashboard provides a view of systems that were scanned previously, vulnerabilities that were associated with the system previously with a high, medium and low rating and how those vulnerabilities were handled (new, mitigated, persistent and open vulnerabilities are listed as well to provide additional insight)

  • Continuously assess chosen controls against the CIS framework and how the system rates from a low, medium and high-risk standpoint

  • ArkAngel 5.9 provides recommendations will reduce the risk score of their systems


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