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Achieve Compliance with Hitachi Systems Security’s Consulting Services

Meet your compliance requirements such as PCI DSS.

Identify security gaps and missing controls. Get strategic recommendations from our certified security and legal consultants to improve your security posture and better protect your critical data assets against vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Penetration Testing

PCI Compliance

  • Gap analysis
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Web app assessment,
  • Log monitoring,
  • File integrity monitoring

gdpr compliance

GDPR Compliance

  • Gap assessment
  • Record of processing
  • Privacy obligation mapping
  • Statement of applicability
  • Risk assessment
  • Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Privacy by design

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

  • Intelligence gathering and reconnaissance
  • Analysis & threat modeling
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • System exploitation
  • Executive reporting
  • Knowledge transfer

vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Network infrastructure review
  • Vulnerability scanning & filtering false positives
  • Scanning validation
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Executive reportingVulnerability research


Log Monitoring

  • Security log and event collection
  • Log correlation
  • Log retention
  • ATM and POS monitoring
  • Office 365 cloud security and log monitoring

web assessment

Web Application Assessment

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Web application mapping
  • Application analysis and vulnerability identification
  • Technical vulnerability testing
  • Executive reporting


  • We focus exclusively on privacy and security. Nothing else.
  • We see the big picture. Our compliance assessments provide a 360-degree view on your overall compliance needs and help align your security controls with your business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • We care about your business goals. For security to be truly effective, it cannot be separated from your overall business objectives. We are passionate about developing a security strategy that will protect your business and help you achieve your goals at the same time.
  • We are global. We have accumulated security intelligence with clients across all verticals in 50+ countries worldwide. Their cybersecurity challenges have fueled our desire to help as many organizations as we can.
  • We are your embedded security partner. We are a collection of truly experienced and passionate security professionals who have been using proven methods for almost 20 years.
  • We maximize ROI. We help you focus your security initiatives on high-impact strategies that will deliver measurable results without busting your budget.
  • We are certified. Our team’s expertise speaks for itself. We are data-driven, leverage industry best practices and invest in strengthening our knowledge with a variety of security certifications.
  • We are Hitachi. Being part of the global Hitachi network means that we don’t only have access to the latest technologies and resources, but also that we are part of something bigger. At Hitachi, everything we do is centered around our vision of social innovation. Social innovation starts with an idea – one with the power to change everything. At Hitachi Systems Security, we’re committed to securing businesses around the globe to help them face their cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Disclaimer: The content on this page was written by our compliance experts for general information and does not claim to provide legal advice. To understand the full context of your organization, please consult with a privacy compliance and/or legal professional.