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Intrusion Detection Services (IDS)
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Intrusion Detection

Detecting Cyber Attacks through People, Processes and Technology

The new reality of dynamically shifting and targeted cyber attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) is forcing organizations to constantly adjust their protection strategy to properly respond to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

Detecting cyber threats early as they develop is key to the ability to defend against them and ensures that your network and data is not compromised. Hitachi Systems Security’s Managed Intrusion Detection Services (IDS) allow you to always be up to date on the latest cyber threats and will immediately recognize them, providing you with optimal protection levels at all times.

Added Value

To accurately detect network intrusions and compromising attempts, Hitachi Systems Security deploys a security appliance in your environment powered by our ArkAngel Platform. The system is constantly updated with the latest information about new and emerging threats, allowing it to automatically detect the latest and most sophisticated types of attacks in real time. Our team of security experts then sorts through the alerts, focusing only on real threats to your critical assets, removing that burden from your IT team and providing them with a clear plan of action through our incident response management platform.


Technology-Agnostic Platform


Updated System and Latest Threat Detection


Alert Monitoring and Incident Management


Advanced Responses to Attacks Recommendations through AI Technologies


Hitachi Systems Security’s Managed Intrusion Detection Services offer the optimal combination of technology and human expertise to protect your critical assets from any type of cyber threat. Our team extends your IT team with specialized security expertise and ensures your protection around the clock.

  • Identify and respond to cyber threats in real time

    Through PCI compliance, your organization can follow a proven path for taking effective measures to protect your customers’ payment card data and implement similar controls to protect sensitive company data, intellectual property, and other customer data from attack.

  • Leverage Hitachi Systems Security's 5 global Security Operations Centers

    Use of external threat management sources generated by our 5 SOCs in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Switzerland and Japan.

  • Minimize the impact of targeted cyber attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats

    By being PCI compliant, your customers will have the necessary peace of mind and confidence in your organization, knowing that their data is protected when they make a purchase. PCI compliance can boost customer attraction and retention, while protecting the reputation of your company and brand.

  • Maintain an optimal protection level of your network and critical assets

  • Extend your team with our team of security experts, available 24/7

  • Comply with internal and external regulations

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