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Privacy Impact Assessment
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Privacy Impact Assessment

What is a Privacy Impact Assessment?

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is conducted to determine whether something has an acceptable level of privacy risk, for example your asset, project, business process or IT system. It helps public and private entities understand, evaluate and meet their various privacy obligations such as those mentioned in the Privacy Act, PIPEDA, GDPR or any provincial/state law.

Every Privacy Impact Assessment follows an interdisciplinary approach by combining:

  • Cybersecurity expertise
  • Compliance and risk analysis expertise

Need more information about PIA?

If you’re not sure how a Privacy Impact Assessment can help your entity meet its privacy requirements, download our brochure or get in touch with us directly.

Why Perform a Privacy Impact Assessment?

Identify Privacy Impact and Solutions

Know exactly what your privacy obligations are and get concrete recommendations for how to meet your privacy requirements going forward.

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Avoid penalties and repercussions by putting effective mechanisms in place to comply with privacy regulations such as PIPEDA, GDPR etc.


Implement Effective Security Controls

Align with your overall business goals by implementing security controls that will help secure your business and meet privacy obligations.


Enhance Cohesiveness Amongst Stakeholders

Raise awareness across your various stakeholder groups for the potential impact of privacy shortcomings, remediation opportunities and requirements.

Privacy risks

Examine Third-Party Provider Privacy Risks

Get a clear overview of your privacy risk levels with service providers, understand your deficiencies and get concrete recommendations for remediation.

Internet-Exposure personal information

Protect Personal Information

Rest assured that personal information will now be an integral part of the new privacy process that will be introduced in your private or public entity.

Privacy Impact Assessment Methodology

All our Privacy Impact Assessments follow a clearly-defined methodological approach as a baseline.

Our privacy experts tailor each engagement to your entity by taking into account your specific industry, data processing activities, business operatives and resources – whether financial, human or technical.


privacy impact assessment methodology



Privacy Impact Assessment

to outline the specific privacy obligations and risks to your entity and to evaluate your principle principles and security risk



to identify your entity’s overall level of compliance with the applicable privacy legislations and to calculate your privacy maturity posture

Our reports are very detailed and can easily include 100+ pages. For each control that is identified, we provide:

 ⋅ a clear description of the control ⋅

⋅ its target posture ⋅

⋅ its current posture ⋅

⋅ residual risks ⋅

⋅ actionable recommendations ⋅

Combine your PIA with Technical Security Testing

Did you know that once controls have been identified, a Privacy Impact Assessment can also be combined with a Penetration Test or a Web Application Assessment?

Our team of technical testers can leverage the data mapping, the description of the processing, the identification of inherent risks and the controls that are identified as critical. Then, the results from the technical testing exercise can be leveraged for the Privacy Impact Assessment.

By integrating technical testing in the methodology, our experts can provide a holistic view on the posture of the application, IT system or process under study.


Curious to learn more about combining a Privacy Impact Assessment with Technical Security Testing?

Why Hitachi Systems Security?

Hitachi Systems Security approaches security and privacy as interrelated concepts which must inform each other. Creating a privacy concept while meeting legal requirements involves an interdisciplinary approach with several areas of expertise.

What’s unique at Hitachi Systems Security is that we have three areas of expertise under one roof – cybersecurity, and compliance/risk management expertise. Our compliance, and cybersecurity experts work hand in hand to deliver a thorough privacy impact assessment that will be actionable, intelligible and measured against all standards.


Disclaimer: The content on this page was written by our compliance experts for general information and does not claim to provide legal advice. To understand the full context of your organization, please consult with a privacy compliance and/or legal professional.


Team-Based Approach

interdisciplinary approach under one roof

integrated methodologies between privacy and security controls


Clear Activities & Deliverables

unique methodology developed by our team, with no equivalent on the market

clear understanding of your entity and its legal context leading to actionable results

easy and fast

Clear Milestones & Timeline

each phase of the methodology is explained, so that you can work with us to reach the best results based on your availabilities


Relevant Results for Executives

detailed final report with concrete remediation actions to maximize your privacy and security ROI

alignment between enterprise risk management and operational security

Hitachi Systems Security recognized as key innovator in GDPR compliance and data privacy

MarketsandMarkets Logo

We are proud to have been recognized as major player and key innovator in the data privacy field by the research institution MarketsandMarkets. Our unique approach to helping organizations achieve GDPR compliance was highlighted in their 2018 study “GDPR Services Market by Solution, Service, Organization Size, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023”. The objective of the research was to determine and forecast the global GDPR services market, analyze growth trends and profile key market players such as Hitachi Systems Security.


Meet privacy requirements today.