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Penetration Testing Checklist: How to Choose a Vendor
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Penetration Testing Checklist

For most organizations, conducting a regular penetration testing (or ‘ethical hacking’) exercise has become a common project – not only to evaluate their cybersecurity defenses, but also to remain proactive against maintaining these defenses effectively.

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly-used best practices to help you pick a penetration testing vendor you can trust!

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This checklist was developed to provide guidance to IT and security professionals such as IT Directors, IT Managers, CISOs or CTOs when
choosing a penetration testing company.

During your evaluation process for a penetration testing vendor, you may want to consider several elements, including:

  • What are the objectives of your pentest?
  • What type of pentest do you need (web application, mobile, infrastructure, etc.)?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Does your vendor have credible references?
  • Does your vendor have valid liability insurance?
  • Have you seen sample reports?
  • What methodology is used?
  • What is the expertise and experience of the ethical hackers?
  • Has the pentest vendor performed projects similar to yours?

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