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Governance Consulting
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Governance Consulting

Hitachi Systems Security’s Governance Consulting is a retainer for the full suite of security services, intended as support for organizations that require CISO-level expertise and insights when they are overextended or not part of the organization. Governance Consulting provides you with CISO-level strategic advice regarding your information security framework and overall security posture as well as recommendations to meet your long-term information security needs and requirements.

Added Value

The objective of the service is to augment your existing information security program, including executive-level information security workshops focusing on specific security topics and best practices, as well as the development of employee-level education and awareness programs.


Customize a Holistic IT Security Program

Customize a holistic IT  security program specific to your organization by leveraging executive-level expertise.


Develop a Plan to Improve Your Security Posture

Understand gaps in your current security program and work hand-in-hand with seasoned experts to develop a cost-efficient plan to bolster your security posture.


Deliver Security Awareness Trainings and Workshops

Deliver IT security awareness training and workshops in order to meet compliance standards and reduce risk through human error.


Leverage IT Security Expertise

Consistently leverage executive-level expertise in IT security when the need arises and at the convenience of your staff.


  • Identify and Understand Your Organizational Security Posture

  • Get Executive-Level, Specialized Training on Today’s Most Relevant Information Security Topics

  • Evaluate Your Corporate Information Security Needs and Learn How to Address Them

  • Learn How to Implement Employee Security Awareness Programs in Your Organization

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