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Cloud Security Assessment
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Cloud Security Assessment

Understand your Cloud Security posture. Get strategic Cloud Security recommendations and better manage your Cloud Security risk.

What is a Cloud Security Assessment?

The Cloud Security Assessment is part of a global Cloud Cybersecurity Strategy to secure your critical assets along your path towards the Cloud. During a Cloud Security Assessment, we evaluate your Cloud Security posture based on industry best practices such as CSA Cloud Control Matrix v3.0.1.


Understand your current Cloud cybersecurity posture

Protect your critical Cloud assets and data


Get recommendations to secure your Cloud environment

Define an effective Cloud Security strategy

Why Perform a Cybersecurity Posture Assessment?

During a Cloud Security Assessment, we analyze the security status of your Cloud architecture, governance and policies, your capability to manage your defenses and your ability to react as the situation changes.

Cloud Security Assessments provide an overall view of your internal and external security posture of your Cloud business environment by integrating all the facets of the Cloud cybersecurity into only one assessment approach.

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, a Cloud Security Assessment may bring value:

  • We migrated our business to the Cloud for efficiency and cost reasons, and we think that we’re pretty secure… but as I’m seeing many cyberattacks on Cloud environments, could we have our environment validated by Cloud Security experts?

  • I want to migrate to the Cloud, but what exactly are my risks?

  • I already migrated to the Cloud but it’s totally different than a regular infrastructure. How can we secure our existing Cloud environment?

Our Cloud Security Services

At Hitachi Systems Security, we understand that not all our clients are on the same page when it comes to Cloud adoption. This is the reason behind our personalized approach that will guide on your path towards the Cloud.

Cloud Security Expertise

Hitachi Systems Security’s approach is suitable and customizable to all types of Cloud offerings.

We have an extended expertise with the top-tier Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Our Cloud Security experts can help you to assess any SaaS solution regardless of its intended business purpose, the size or the location of the vendor.

Our Cloud Security experts take all the necessary efforts to keep up with this fast-changing industry in order to offer you the most relevant recommendations and to ensure that you can maximize the return on your Cloud Security investments.


 Evaluation of your current Cloud cybersecurity posture

 Understanding of where you are, where you need to go and what needs to be done to get there

 Targeted spending on safeguards to fortify your Cloud cybersecurity posture

 Deeper knowledge of asset vulnerabilities and the threats that can exploit them through proactive risk management

 Helps building a bridge between enterprise risk management and operational security efficiency

 Provides specific recommendations to comply with legal or regulatory requirements


– Planning and Preparation

– Statement of Sensitivity

– Cloud Cybersecurity Framework Analysis

– Cloud Cybersecurity Control Maturity Assessment

– Threat and Exposure Assessment

– Cloud Cybersecurity Posture Evaluation

Why Hitachi Systems Security?

  • We see the big picture. Our cybersecurity analytics provide a 360-degree view on your overall cloud security posture.
  • We are technology agnostic. We will always deploy the best solutions to strengthen your Cloud Security Posture, connected to our ArkAngel platform that can integrate with any data source or SIEM solution. We will not try to sell you a solution that won’t make sense for your business.
  • We believe in the power of integrated security. We understand the importance of amalgamating best security technologies to maximize efficiencies and improve alignment.
  • We are your security partner. We are a collection of truly experienced and passionate cloud security analysts who have been using a proven method.
  • We maximize ROI. We help you focus your security initiatives on high-impact strategies that will deliver measurable results without busting your budget.

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