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Press Release | Hitachi Systems Security and Fortica Announce Partnership to Help Organizations Secure Their Cloud Environments
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Hitachi Systems Security and Fortica Announce Partnership
to Help Organizations Secure Their Cloud Environments



Montreal, Quebec and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada – April 8, 2019 — Hitachi Systems Security Inc., a global IT security service provider specialized in 24/7 managed security services and strategic security consulting, today announced its partnership with Fortica, a Quebec-based cloud security consulting company. The objective of this partnership is to launch an integrated cloud security service offering that will guide private and public organizations in their journey towards the cloud, all while securing their cloud environments and strengthening their cloud security posture.

More and more organizations are deciding to move their data and systems to the cloud to facilitate collaboration, create efficiencies and reduce costs. According to the market research company Forrester, “cloud computing is now shorthand for how companies turn amazing ideas into winning software — faster. Nearly 60% of North American enterprises now rely on public cloud platforms, five times the percentage that did just five years ago.” At the same time, executives and business owners are voicing concerns about how they can secure their cloud environments against cyberattacks, data breaches and intrusions. Although cloud service platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office365 or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have stringent security measures in place, security responsibilities are often shared by the cloud service provider and the customer. Therefore, businesses and government organizations need to understand how the cloud will impact their security, privacy and compliance.

As part of their new cloud security partnership, Hitachi Systems Security and Fortica have developed a phased approach that will allow businesses and government organizations to be in control of their security risks, data and processes in the cloud. The newly-launched cloud security service offering includes cloud security posture assessments, cloud risk evaluations, cloud security architecture and cloud security monitoring. Together, both organizations are leveraging their extensive cloud security and cybersecurity expertise to guide businesses before, during and after their cloud migration projects. 

Yannick Berneron, Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives at Hitachi Systems Security, said that “in today’s increasingly complex business environment, it has become an absolute necessity to approach security from a 360-degree perspective. We are happy to team up with Fortica, a true cloud security veteran that shares our corporate values of quality, professionalism and customer focus. Together, we look forward to offering our global customer base an additional cloud security element as part of our converged security service offering.”

Samuel Bonneau, President at Fortica, added that “we are thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to join up with Hitachi Systems Security’s world-class team of experts. Fortica has reinforced security on some of the most important cloud implementation projects currently taking root in Canada and we look forward to putting this knowhow to the benefit of many more organizations thanks to this partnership.”

About Hitachi Systems Security Inc.

Founded in 1999, Hitachi Systems Security Inc. is a Global IT Security Service Provider who builds and delivers customized services for monitoring and protecting the most critical and sensitive IT assets in our clients’ infrastructures 24/7. Hitachi Systems Security was founded with one simple mission in mind – to make the internet a safer place for all. Now, our team of security experts helps our customers in over 50 countries to secure their critical data and strengthen their cybersecurity posture against security breaches, data leaks and intrusions. We are passionate about delivering converged cybersecurity services to address the security challenges of today and tomorrow and propel your business to the next level all while securing your IT, OT and IoT environments.

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About Fortica

Fortica is a leading Canadian cybersecurity firm founded in 2009 that provides cloud security assessment, risk evaluation and architecture services to a wide range of organizations, both public and private. Its seasoned officers use the latest innovations in cybersecurity to protect organizational assets against the many potential threats of today’s ever-evolving workplace environment, insure regulatory compliance and give peace of mind to IT managers.

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