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Office 365 Cloud Security and Log Monitoring

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

As Microsoft Partner, Hitachi Systems Security has developed an Office 365 Cloud Connector that collects logs generated by cloud-based apps, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure AD, Security & Compliance, Data Loss Prevention or Exchange.

This connector was built specifically for our customers who have moved to Office 365 and would like to get advantage of the information contained in Office 365 logs to get additional insights about data leakage or loss, authorized access and data privacy.

By collecting additional Office 365 security logs, Hitachi Systems Security’s connector can help your organization improve your security posture, respond to security incidents and secure your data in the cloud.

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What is Office 365?

Developed by the Microsoft Corporation, Office 365 refers to a subscription-based cloud service that includes access to the widely-known Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as other productivity services enabled over the cloud. In today’s era of digital transformation, many organizations have started using Office 365 security services to make the move to cloud-based applications, such as OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online or Exchange Online.

Added Value

To improve your Office 365 security and compliance capabilities, Hitachi Systems Security has developed a Cloud Connector, which integrates into our existing suite of managed security services. The connector extracts and aggregates security related logs generated by Office 365 on a 24/7 basis and correlates these logs with other logs from technical controls, such as proxy, firewalls etc. By having your logs monitored by a third party, your organization can prevent tampering, log modification and security breaches.

The Cloud Connector integrates seamlessly into our intelligent ArkAngel risk management platform and thereby enables around-the-clock visibility on your organization’s cloud app security. This technology-agnostic approach is a key factor in our ability to deliver comprehensive protection of your applications in the cloud against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.


Cloud Security Monitoring and Threat Detection


24/7 Incident Response Management


Enhanced Searching, Exporting and Archiving Capabilities


Improved Security Log Correlation and Data Loss Prevention


Hitachi Systems Security’s proprietary Cloud Connector was built to offer your organization a greater level of protection for your cloud-based applications. From our 5 Security Operations Centers around the world, our team monitors and analyzes the logs generated by your cloud environment to help you:

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Gain additional intelligence about your Office 365 security by monitoring your cloud-based applications 24/7

  • Reduce Impact of Cyber Attacks

    Minimize the impact of cyber attacks and security breaches against your critical cloud-based applications

  • User Activity Log Audit

    Audit user behavior and find out what your users are doing in the cloud, what they are accessing, sharing, etc.

  • Extend Your Team and Get Recommendations

    Extend your team with our team of cloud security experts who will analyze your Office 365 security logs and provide actionable recommendations

  • Search, Export and Archive

    Benefit from greater functionalities in terms of searching, exporting (>10,000 logs) and archiving (>90 days)

  • Compliance

    Adhere to internal policies and external regulatory compliance requirements

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