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Threat Intelligence for the Darkweb
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Darknet Intelligence

Is Your Organization Exposed on the Darknet

Our Threat Intelligence for the DarkWeb professional services can quickly find leaked data from your organization, identify security gaps and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

Identify potential indicators of compromise and facilitate proactive threat hunting with strategic darknet intelligence.

The Next Breach is Coming!

If you want to learn more about how our Threat Intelligence for the DarkWeb services can help strengthen your Cyber security posture, please get in touch with us today.

What is the Darkweb?

The darknet is the primary location for advertising, buying, selling of stolen and hacked data.
The darknet contains a plethora of sensitive information about individuals and organizations, such as secure credentials, personal information, intellectual property, stolen credit cards or counterfeit documents.
It is difficult and potentially perilous to navigate, often requiring special browsers to gain access
Websites go up and down daily based on sale of stolen data and transactions

What are the benefits to your organization?

Protect your brand’s reputation

Discover inside threats and prevent ransomware

Search for your leaked or otherwise compromised data in the world’s largest commercially available database of darknet content and discover where the next Employee-directed phishing attacks will come from

Find out which third-party vendors and cloud-based service providers are unsecure

Detect and prevent Spoofing and DDoS attacks

Prevent ATM attacks

Discover data breaches

Protect executives and enforce personal information security

…And many more!

What Data is present in Darknet

Password dumps

Data useful for malicious purposes

Data dumps

Personnel information

Certificate related information

Domain and IP threats

Financial information

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