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Phishing Protection
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Phishing Protection

Hitachi Systems Security offers integrated phishing protection designed to expose fake websites or websites designed to deliver malware, and verify authentic websites.

Phishing is the leading cause of malware infections. Both the delivery mechanism including e-mails and the malware itself has advanced to a new level of sophistication that consistently evades even advanced users and technology.

The Anatomy Of a Phishing Attack

Added Value

PhishWall is a multi-layered anti-phishing solution that provides both client-based and server-based protection to help organizations protect their customers against phishing attacks.


Provide Easy Authentication

This best-in-class technology will help your customers authenticate and identify your website easily.


Prevent Malicious Attacks

Your customers will be audited for malicious attacks before accessing your website so that even “man in the middle” or Man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks will be foiled.


Detect Fake Websites

Phishwall can detect spoofed domains and spot changes applied on websites in order to prevent your customers from accessing a fake version of your website.


  • Audit a customer's computer for active MITB attacks

  • Help a customer identify authentic websites

  • Audit web content for active MITB attacks

  • Track and log MITB attacks

  • Minimize implementation costs without requiring additional installations

Protect Yourself From Phishing Attacks

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