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Protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of Healthcare Data

In order to meet growing needs for the timely delivery of health services, healthcare organizations are faced with increased requirements to deliver and collect health information electronically. Securing healthcare IT networks with a complex array of systems, devices, and applications is an increasingly challenging task.

Potential Risks 

  • Threats to patient health and safety
  • Theft of patient identity
  • Unavailability of critical patient information
  • Fines/penalties associated non-compliance
  • Users having unauthorized access to private information
  • Damage to your organization’s reputation and public confidence
  • Unsecured mobile and wireless devices
  • Unsecured connectivity for remote workers
  • Lack of security awareness among employees

Recommended Services

Hitachi Systems Security has extensive experience in working with health organizations to provide information risk management, security, and privacy solutions to protect personal health information. Hitachi Systems Security has strong knowledge of HIPAA, HITECH and PIPEDA legislation, as well as industry best practices in the US and Canada that enable healthcare organizations to improve their security posture. As a global IT security provider, Hitachi Systems Security brings significant depth and expertise in information security and risk management including: