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Develop the Right Strategies for Secure Government Services

Governments are experiencing increasingly complex cyber-attacks with many of the incidents resulting in leaked sensitive information. In an ongoing effort to improve the information security posture of their IT assets, government agencies, departments, and ministries look to Hitachi Systems Security for assistance.

Potential Risks 

  • Downtime due to preventable information security incidents
  • Users having unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • High fees or penalties due to non-compliance
  • Damage to government reputation and public confidence
  • Erosion of public safety or disruption in national security
  • Unavailability of critical operational information
  • Unsecured mobile and wireless devices
  • Unsecured connectivity for remote workers
  • Lack of security awareness among employees

Recommended Services

Since 1999, Hitachi Systems Security has provided a wide range of information security services to various government agencies. We bring significant depth not only in information security, but also a strong knowledge of federal and local government privacy legislation, and risk management, within the government sector. As a global IT security provider, Hitachi Systems Security brings significant depth and expertise in information security and risk management including: