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Build and Maintain Financial Trust.

The financial services industry is highly regulated and for good reason. The life savings of your clients are at stake. Cyber criminals have a vested interest in penetrating the networks of financial services companies to obtain enough data to impersonate and defraud victims of their financial assets. A single data breach can result in lasting harm to your clients and your business.

Potential Risks 

  • Users having unauthorized access to financial assets and sensitive information
  • Theft of personal identities and financial assets
  • Costly fines and legal fees due to non-compliance of legislation
  • Potential damage to reputation, brand, revenues and access to capital
  • Information security not aligned to business objectives – security “gets in the way”
  • Unsecured mobile and wireless devices
  • Unsecured connectivity for remote workers
  • Lack of security awareness among employees and third parties

Recommended Services

Hitachi Systems Security provides end-to-end information security services to financial services firms and enables them to improve security posture, satisfy the needs of various stakeholders, and ultimately achieve business objectives. As a global IT security provider, Hitachi Systems Security brings significant depth and expertise in information security and risk management including: