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Demonstrated Depth of Industry-Related Experience Information Security

Founded in 1999, Hitachi Systems Security is a Global IT Security Service Provider who caters to small and medium size businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies in important, highly-regulated industries – such as financial services and government – where the need to process or store considerable quantities of confidential data is paramount. Our mission is to make the Internet a safer place for all, to harness the full potential of connecting people and businesses together to build trust relationships that can be the catalyst of worry-free collaboration and limitless innovation.


Industries that we serve include:

Our End-to-End Services Address All Aspects of Information Risk Management

  • Enterprise Security Architecture: Mapping security efforts to your business requirements through security architecture development, assessment and implementation services.
  • Information Assurance Audit: Assessment and design of information security services and solutions to enable the control objectives of your enterprise security program.
  • IT Risk Management: Identify, prioritize, and manage your business risk through IT risk management, audit and environment assessment.
  • Security Response Services: Flexible and in-depth technical support for digital evidence acquisition, processing, and analysis in an enterprise.
  • Managed Security Services: Utilizing Hitachi Systems Security’s advanced security and event management technology, OneStone™ Information Assurance Portal offers Threat Management, Vulnerability Management, Log Management and Asset Classification and Tracking.