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Vulnerability Assessments are the First Step in Improving IT Security
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Posted on Thursday, April 13th, 2017 by

Note: This article has moved! You can now find more information on vulnerability assessments in this blog instead: Benefits of a Vulnerability Assessment


When I signed the paperwork to join my gym, all I wanted was a membership pass and a clear path to the treadmill. I was on a mission to “get fit,” although I hadn’t really defined what that meant – or what it would take, specifically, for me to achieve that vague goal. The membership coordinator pushed me to schedule a fitness assessment, and I’m glad I agreed. It was a chance to determine my starting point – my weight, blood pressure, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance – so that I could map out a specific objective and a plan to reach it with the help of a personal trainer.

A vulnerability assessment (VA) performs a similar role for IT security teams. It’s a process that identifies and quantifies the security vulnerabilities within your software, hardware, network, web applications or code. While reactive teams spend their time covering security weaknesses with cyber Band-Aids, proactive teams use VAs to assess their security posture so they can determine the severity of their vulnerabilities and create a plan, with the help of an experienced partner, to reduce their exposure to risk.

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Robert Bond
About author:
Robert Bond is the Director of Marketing at Hitachi Systems Security. Robert is responsible for the education of prospective customers as well as the satisfaction and engagement of current customers. Robert has been in the information technology, security and digital forensic industries for over 15 years. He has a Bachelors degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA in marketing from Indiana University.

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