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Useful Resources Every CISO Needs to Bookmark
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Useful Resources Every CISO Needs to Bookmark
Posted on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 by

The cybersecurity market has experienced massive growth over the last five years, with the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals expected to increase to 6 million worldwide by 2019.

According to the most recent (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study, we are entering a workforce gap in the cybersecurity field of 1.5 million in the upcoming five years, all while the demand for information security experts keeps on rising.

In fact, more and more organizations increase their staffing for security-related positions and dedicate larger portions of their budget to the recruitment, training and retention of competent security professionals.


What is a CISO

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A CISO is a senior-level executive bearing the full weight of the organization’s security responsibilities who is responsible for designing and implementing a comprehensive information security program to protect the organization from internal and external threats. Median salaries for CISOs in the United States are reported to be no less $152,140, and are expected to continue to increase going forward (PayScale, 2017).


The role of a CISO – no walk in the park!

Faced with an increasingly complex threat landscape, strict compliance requirements and budgetary constraints, today’s CISOs are under tremendous pressure to protect their organization’s critical data assets from cyberthreats such as ransomware, phishing and DDoS attacks.

They have to have a broad understanding of the security industry. CISOs possess the necessary technical knowledge and business acumen to implement measures in line with corporate strategy. They demonstrate leadership skills and strategy thinking, and know how to communicate clearly and effectively with the Board of Directors, executive management and employees alike (Frost & Sullivan, 2015).

In short, CISOs tend to wear many hats and often struggle keeping up to date with today’s cybersecurity developments while juggling their day-to-day responsibilities.


Resources for CISOs

If you can sympathize with the multi-armed CISO in the illustration above, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve gathered a few useful resources that will help busy CISOs keep up with the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates!


Introductory Reading


Research, Reports & Whitepapers


Learning & Training

  • Cybrary: Open source online cyber security training community with educational content for everything security-related, from basic networking to penetration testing and certification training.
  • InfoSec Institute. Cybersecurity information and training, including a multitude of tutorials and articles on security topics.
  • SANS Institute. Large training resource about computer security, information security and IT security.
  • CERIAS. An information assurance and security research center, Purdue University’s CERIAS offers useful information resources for CISOs, including white papers, research, tools, and more.
  • EC-Council. Are you ready to be a CISO? The Certified CISO (CCISO) Program certifies information security professionals around the world and prepares them for becoming top-level security executives.




Industry News & Updates


Twitter Accounts to Follow


Want to learn more about the responsibilities of a CISO? Ensuring regular security audits is just one out of many projects that CISOs need to think about. Check out our on-demand webinar on how to perform successful security audits by clicking below!

How to Pass a Security Audit in One Day

Katharina Gerberding
About author:
Katharina Gerberding is the Marketing Manager, Content Strategy at Hitachi Systems Security in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In her current role, she is responsible for developing impactful content marketing strategies to strengthen the organization’s brand recognition, support sales efforts, and help raise awareness for cybersecurity across the globe. Katharina graduated with a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communication and Business Management from Newcastle University, U.K., and obtained a dual Bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Communication and Linguistics from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and Northumbria University, U.K. Since 2012, she is member of the sponsorship committee of the humanitarian mission “Sainte-Justine at the Heart of the World”, which facilitates knowledge exchange in pediatric cardiology for children around the world. Katharina is passionate about communications, cross-culturalism and holistic living, and can be found exploring the many restaurants of Montreal in her free time.

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