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[Infographic] Don’t Be a Victim of Targeted Email Attacks!
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Measures against targeted email attacks
Posted on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by

Measures Against Targeted Email Attacks


Targeted email attacks are nothing new but their number is still on the rise. Find out how you can avoid becoming a victim!

The more critical information your organization stores and processes, the more likely it is that it will be targeted.

Governmental organizations, financial institutions, hospitals, big corporations – basically any entities with sensitive assets – are the primary targets. Most of the victims have no knowledge or little to no training to properly spot the warning signs of such attacks.

Instead, they fall prey to targeted email attacks and cause their organization financial losses, stolen data and virus infections. To stay secure at all times, different preventative measures need to be taken.

We compiled a few basic measures to help you avoid becoming a victim – check out our infographic below:


Hitachi Systems Security Measures Against Targeted email Attacks

Andrew Kozloski
About author:
I’ve been a geek since before I could walk. I remember loading video games on cassette tapes with my Commodore 64. I remember downloading games too, back when geeks programmed them for fun and gave them away for free on Bulletin Boards. I literally live on the internet: I’m an inveterate gamer, an electronic music producer and I’ve put in time in the video games industry in a variety of positions before finding my way to cyber security and ethical hacking, where I expect to spend the rest of my career. I’m passionate about coding, copyright, privacy, human rights and the intersection of these things. I am the Security Evangelist at Hitachi Systems Security.In my spare time I study languages (particularly Middle English and Russian these days) and I cook traditional Japanese food.

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