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[Infographic] How is PIPEDA Enforced?
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Privacy Policy
Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2016 by

PIPEDA is administered by the federal Privacy Commissioner, who has the authority to make public statements on violations of the Act and/or refer serious cases to the Federal Court. Here are 5 steps on how the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is enforced.

If you are not familiar with PIPEDA, read more about what it stands for here.

How is PIPEDA enforced-

For more information about your obligations on PIPEDA, read my blog post about the Ashley Madison hack and understand the safeguards put in place by the victim organization at the time of the breach and in light of the act.


Vanessa Henri
About author:
Vanessa is an academic and legal expert on data protection laws, as well as a certified data protection officer. Currently, Vanessa is Hitachi Systems Security’s Director of Compliance and Privacy. She oversees the performance of privacy advisory services by Hitachi Systems Security to its clientele, including services such as GDPR Posture Assessments. She advises boards of directors at the macro-strategic level on the implementation of privacy obligations through efficient reporting systems. She has published a variety of data privacy-related materials and has contributed as a speaker to various conferences about data protection laws, such as Code Blue, in Tokyo. Vanessa is a member of the Quebec Bar Association, and holds a master’s in laws from McGill University. She also teaches corporate cybersecurity practices at St Thomas University, in Miami, Florida. She is a certified Data Protection Officer.

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