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Data Privacy Crossword Puzzle
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Cybersecurity Crossword Puzzle
Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 by

Data Privacy Crossword Puzzle: Do You Have What it Takes to Crack This Puzzle?

We hope you will enjoy our fourth crossword puzzle on our blog, this time about the topic of data privacy!

If you haven’t tried our previous puzzles, test your knowledge here: puzzle 1, puzzle 2 and puzzle 3.

Good luck!

Katharina Gerberding
About author:
Katharina Gerberding is the Marketing Manager, Content Strategy at Hitachi Systems Security in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In her current role, she is responsible for developing impactful content marketing strategies to strengthen the organization’s brand recognition, support sales efforts, and help raise awareness for cybersecurity across the globe. Katharina graduated with a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communication and Business Management from Newcastle University, U.K., and obtained a dual Bachelor’s degree in Multilingual Communication and Linguistics from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and Northumbria University, U.K. Since 2012, she is member of the sponsorship committee of the humanitarian mission “Sainte-Justine at the Heart of the World”, which facilitates knowledge exchange in pediatric cardiology for children around the world. Katharina is passionate about communications, cross-culturalism and holistic living, and can be found exploring the many restaurants of Montreal in her free time.

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