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Achieve Digital Trust with your Digital Transformation
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Turn Cyber Security and Privacy into a business differentiator

A smarter Security+Privacy approach is a digital transformation enabler and accelerator.

Many compliance and regulatory requirements and changes, on top of the increasing importance of data, directly affect security. They are forcing organizations to meet customer demand, demonstrate transparency and notice, use personal data purposefully, and exercise control over that data in every aspect. Choose the right bundle and defend your business with dynamic and strategic activities.

We will work with you to develop an intelligent Security+Privacy approach that will help you protect your digital business.

Accelerated digital transformation is forcing organizations globally to improve their strategies to enable their workforce to work virtually from any location and at any time. While this enables greater flexibility for the workforce, it increases the potential for cybersecurity threats that must be anticipated, defended against, and quickly remediated.

Hitachi Systems Security has developed a bundle of services for organizations seeking to improve their security and privacy postures as their workforce adopts the work from home approach.

Get in touch with us and one of our specialists will get back to you shortly to set you up with a custom fit solution.

Choose your bundle and speak to an expert today.

Bundle 1

Cyber Security for Digital Trust

  • Incident Response and Enhanced Monitoring of the perimeter
  • Vulnerability Assessment of External Network and Web Applications
  • DMZ Segregation Review
  • Security Awareness Training – during Crisis
  • Endpoint Security

Optional Add-ons

Security architecture Review

Security by design and secure coding

Penetration Testing

DDos Protection

Bundle 2

Security+Privacy for Digital Transformation

  • Security Architecture Review and Optimization including Cloud
  • Cloud migration strategy
  • Improved Application Security Optimization for O365 Email and Collaboration Services
  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Privacy Impact Assessment

Optional Add-ons

Cloud Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment


Security Awareness Training Platform

Security+Privacy Policy Review and Adaptation

Bundle 3

Reshaping the Organizational Security+Privacy Strategy

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment
  • CISOaaS
  • DPOaaS
  • Security Program Planning and Review
  • Business Continuity Planning Development
  • Third Party Security Risk Management

Optional Add-ons

Privacy Compliance Program

Privacy Impact Assessment

Security Awareness Training Platform

Security+Privacy Policy Review and Adaptation

Bundle 4

Proactive Response to Security+Privacy Breach

  • 24/7 MSS for On-Prem, Cloud or Hybrid Environments
    • Vulnerability Management
    • O365 Monitoring
  • Digital Forensics and Threat Investigation
  • Security+Privacy Response and Notification Process
  • Maturity (Cyber/Cloud) Assessment

Optional Add-ons



Privacy Compliance Program

Bundle 5

Security for SOC Transformation

  • SOC Services Assessment
  • Red Team
  • Incident Response Transformation & Automation
  • Vulnerability Management Transformation & Automation
  • Threat Intelligence

Optional Add-ons

Penetration Testing

Blue Team/Purple Team

Bundle 6

Applications Security by design

  • Static & Dynamic Code Review
  • Secure coding assessment
  • Secure Software Development Lifecyle (SSDLC)
  • Secure Migration to Prod Process Review – Security and Agile Development
  • Developer Security Awareness & Training

Optional Add-ons

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management